Are all friendly people abroad?

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IMG_8849One thing I really missed here in America was my favourite parenting magazine: Nido. I really tried hard to find an equivalent here in America, talked to friends, browsed the Internet but I could not find anything that comes even close to Nido. Thanks to my incredible husband, Nido is now exclusively shipped from Germany to Princeton and makes me happy every month again. The current issue covers a story about families going abroad …. Shanghai, Oslo, Warschau, New York. While it is interesting to read how other families manage their time far away from home, the most remarkable thing for me to read is that they are all – no matter where they are – overwhelmed by the openness, politeness and friendliness of the people there. Our experience is exactly the same. I am still not used to being asked about my wellbeing whenever I enter a store (but I like it!!), still surprised how many people obviously are amazed by our little son (but I am proud ever and ever again!!) and touched by people being so nice and friendly. I know that we Austrians or Germans tend to assume Americans are superficial. You know what, I don’t care!! It just feels good and makes me smile. That is much more I would expect from someone I don’t know!!

Nevertheless, I can still remember lots of smiling faces back home in Austria. Is it us expatriates who behave differently in a foreign country? We’ll go back soon for a few weeks ….. might be interesting to see how we experience things now.

For personal reading: “Wir sind dann mal weg”: Nido 02/2013

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